Entrepreneurial Consultancy

An entrepreneur the total business counts. All details should subject their measures to the success of the company. This is important for us, so that we understand any kind of support as Entrepreneurial Consultancy. The entrepreneurial perspective is the only relevant one.

Is it leadership as Virtual CFO, or issues of process optimization, even details of IT design your business is the only aspect which counts for the best solution. There are no compromises when supporting your business to success.

Virtual CFO

The CFO takes responsibility for the total profit of the business. He ensures profitability and liquidity. He makes use of specific reporting as basis for decisions. Business processes, collecting receivables, contract management and compliance are key for him. All of this is all very real.

The Virtual CFO is an experienced professional. He is very real present in your business. You get full financial professionalism here in China as your business needs it.

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Processes in SAP

You have to tune your IT like you have to develop your employees for your unique company spirit. SAP is a flexible system to be customized individually for your company.

Ensure your SAP system works along group standard. Localize your SAP system as your processes demand. Optimize your SAP system to meet your company size. Maybe less complexity increases your profitability.


Improve Your Business Processes

Overall business needs to be divided and shared by departments. The company is more than a couple of single units. Shared responsibility is crucial for general success. The chain of process steps is as strong as its weakest element. It has no meaning if a single department is perfect and all others are less.

Equal high quality throughout your company is essential. One department is preparing and feeding the next. Every department is having the business target in mind in each steps of a process.


Founding your New Company

A new company in China! If that is your headquarters' decision, the next steps look different when you come from oversea or you are here in China. Legal restrictions, rules for people getting involved, a step by step approach, taxes, hiring people, quality assurance for your business all that need to be tackled.

We support you managing the launch of your company and not just getting your registration formalities done. Starting a business is more than starting a company.


Making the Company Adherent to the Group

Western and Chinese cultures don't need to clash. But sometimes they do - and nobody knows. This is the most dangerous situation.

Compliance, communication, coordination, cohesion and culture matter from the second day. Starting corrections from day three is much costlier. We support you to do it all right from the first day.