Integration into a Business Group

Western and eastern cultures are definitely compatible. But sometimes they are not really compliant – and nobody really is aware of it. This is one of the most dangerous moments.

Compliance, working along laws, rules and agreements in a company,

Communication, contacting customers, suppliers, employees and colleagues in the group while having a joint understanding of what is relevant,

Coordination, the reconciliation of processes and responsibilities within the company and across company borders,

Cohesion, team spirit and retention of customers and employees to the company and the group,

Culture, the common sense in your company, what you have and others don't.

All that is relevant from day two onwards. Every revision on day three is costlier. We support you making it right from day one.

Compliance receives it return in combination with your employees' loyalty. Decision and approval processes are not made to be written on paper only.

Compliance is not a Western game of supervision. It is to safeguard your company. To keep an eye on it can save the company - and your position.

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Juergen E.L. Meyer and Michael Detlefs

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