Processes with SAP

What is the most important resource in your company right after your employees? The answer depends on what point of view you are looking on your company. It could be production, research, sales, even purchasing. Having the focus on the operating part you don't get around IT.

You have to tune your IT like you have to develop your employees for your unique company spirit. SAP is not a given system working the same way for all and any company.

Ensure your SAP system works along group standard. Localize your SAP system as your processes demand. Optimize SAP to meet your company size.

The SAP system has to be customized along your company's requirements.

Don't let the system drive your business, let your business targets define the parameters of your system. It is possible with SAP. Let us show you.

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Juergen E.L. Meyer and Michael Detlefs

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